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Green “Power Plants”

A team of biologists has discovered a new control system that is important to how plants adjust to light

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Educating Students

Geländepraktikum mit Studierenden der Geowissenschaften im Himalaya.

High and Low

The Earth sciences are devoted to the study of Earth system processes. How these processes influence each other, what influence they have on climate and the environment, and what role in these processes is played by humans are all topics that are being investigated at Freie Universität in Berlin-Lankwitz.

Training Young Researchers

Die BSRT vereint Grundlagenforschung, Materialwissenschaft, klinische Disziplinen und Biotechnologie.

Regenerative Therapies

The Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies offers innovative research opportunities in the field of regenerative medicine for outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with a background in the biological, engineering, or clinical disciplines.

Focussing Research

Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit zur Vermessung der Antiken Welt: Wissenschaftler von Topoi forschen hier mit syrischen Kollegen am Tell Fecheriye. Der Ruinenhügel im Nordosten Syriens zählt zu den bedeutendsten der Region.

Through Space and Time

In the Topoi Excellence Cluster researchers investigate the systematic connection between space and knowledge structures in the cultures of the Near East and Mediterranean, from early civilizations to late antiquity and the early medieval period.

International Networking

Campus der Peking University, mit der seit 1981 eine Partnerschaft besteht, die 2011 in eine strategische Partnerschaft mündete.

Networks in China

The work performed at the Beijing Office supports scholars and scientists at Freie Universität Berlin in initiating and developing new cooperative projects with universities and other educational and research institutions in the PRC.



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