WiSe 15/16: Biology



Alle Veranstaltungen der Biologie sind platzzahlbeschränkt, unabhängig der im Vorlesungsverzeichnis abgebildeten Informationen

    • Introduction to R for Statistical Applications (10 CP) 0388bB1.1
    • Current Topics in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology (5 CP) 0388bB5.1
    • Introduction to Ecological Modelling (10 CP) 0388bB5.10
    • Evolution and Biodiversity - Botany (10 CP) 0388bB5.11
    • Evolution and Biodiversity - Zoology (10 CP) 0388bB5.12
    • Organisms and their Environment (10CP) 0388bB5.13
    • Advanced Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology (10CP) 0388bB5.14
    • Molecular and Chemical Ecology of Plant-Animal Interactions (15 CP) 0388bB5.15
    • Current and classic topics in Evolution and Ecology (15 LP) 0388bB5.16
    • Ecology of Plants, Fungi and Micro-organisms (15 CP) 0388bB5.17
    • Palaeontology A (15 CP) 0388bB5.18
    • Palaeontology B (15 CP) 0388bB5.19
    • Applied Molecular Phylogenetics (5 CP) 0388bB5.2
    • Protozoology (15 CP) 0388bB5.20
    • Special Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology (15 CP) 0388bB5.21
    • Introduction to Molecular Phylogenetics (5 CP) 0388bB5.3
    • Current topics in Freshwater Ecology: Structure, Function and Dynamics (5CP) 0388bB5.4
    • New Trends in Ecological Sciences (5CP) 0388bB5.5
    • Ecology of Plant-Animal Interactions (5CP) 0388bB5.6
    • Collection Management - Curation (5 CP) 0388bB5.7
    • Selected Methods of Ecological Modelling (10 CP) 0388bB5.8
    • Biology and Pathology of Bees (10 CP) 0388bB5.9
    • Molecular Physiology of Plant Acclimatisation and Adaption (15 CP) 0388bB6.10
    • Topics in Anatomy and Morphology of Flowering Plants (5 CP) 0388bB6.3
    • Research Topics in Plant Biology in DCPS (5 CP) 0388bB6.4
    • Applied Bioinformatics of Plants (10 CP) 0388bB6.6
    • Flora and Vegetation of example habitats (10 CP) 0388bB6.7
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