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Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science

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  • Ph. D. colloquia, practice seminars and internship colloquia

    • 15011t Miscellaneous Cancelled
      Tutorial I Methods of Political Science
      Schedule: Di 14-16 online (Class starts on: 2021-10-19)
      Location: online (synchron)
    • 15460 Miscellaneous
      BGTS first year Research Design Course (Tanja Anita Börzel, Thomas Risse)
      Schedule: Di 10-12 Präsenz mit Hybridoption (Class starts on: 2021-10-19)
      Location: Garystr.55/323 Seminarraum (Garystr. 55)
    • 15461 Miscellaneous
      Modern Political Economics (Michael Bolle)
      Schedule: Mo 16-18 hybrid, Wechselmodell oder punktuelle Präsenz (Class starts on: 2021-10-18)
      Location: Garystr.55/302a Seminarraum (Garystr. 55)
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