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WiSe 15/16: Mathematics

Master's programme in Mathematics (2007 study regulations)

    • Advanced Module Differential Equations I 0280aA1.1
    • Advanced Module Differential Equations II 0280aA1.2
    • "Special Module ""Differential Equations III""" 0280aA1.3
    • Advanced Module Combinatorics and Graph Theory 0280aA2.1
    • Specialization Module Discrete Geometry and Optimization 0280aA2.2
    • "Special Module ""Applied Discrete Mathematics""" 0280aA2.3
    • Advanced Module Commutative Algebra 0280aA3.1
    • Specialization Module Algebraic Geometry I 0280aA3.2
    • "Special Module ""Algebraic Geometry II""" 0280aA3.3
    • Advanced Module Numerics II: Common Differential Equations 0280aA4.1
    • Specialization Module Numerics III: Partial Differential Equations 0280aA4.2
    • "Special Module ""Numerical Analysis IVa: ""Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations and Multi-Scale-Methods""" 0280aA4.3
    • "Special Module ""Numerical Analysis IVb: Process Simulation and Optimization""" 0280aA4.4
    • "Special Module ""Numerical Analysis IVc: Stochastic Processes""" 0280aA4.5
    • "Special Module ""Visualization""" 0280aA4.6
    • Advanced Module Differential Geometry I 0280aA5.1
    • Specialization Module Differential Geometry II 0280aA5.2
    • "Special Module ""Differential Geometry III""" 0280aA5.3
    • Advanced Module Topology I 0280aA6.1
    • Specialization Module Topology II 0280aA6.2
    • "Special Module ""Topology III""" 0280aA6.3
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