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WiSe 15/16: Lehramt für Informatik

Core subject Computer Science (90 cp / Teacher Education, 2009 study regulations)

    • Functional Programming 0086bA1.1
    • Object-Oriented Programming 0086bA1.2
    • Data Structures and Data Abstraction 0086bA1.3
    • Non-Sequential Programming 0086bA1.4
    • Software Internship 0087bA1.6
    • Application Systems (The Impact of Computer Science) 0159bA1.1
    • Software Technology 0159bA1.2
    • Fundamentals of Technical Computer Science 0086bA2.1
    • Computer Architecture 0086bA2.2
    • Operating and Communication Systems 0086bA2.3
    • Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science 0086bA3.1
    • Logic and Discrete Mathematics 0086bA4.1
    • Lecture-Associated Seminar in Computer Science 0086bA3.2
    • Database Systems 0086bA3.3
    • The Teaching of Computer Science in Schools (Subject-Related Teaching) 0087bA4.3
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