SoSe 21  
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Data Science  

SoSe 21: Data Science

Data Science

    • Introduction to Profile Areas 0590aA1.1
    • Statistics for Data Science 0590aA1.2
    • Machine Learning for Data Science 0590aA1.3
    • Programming for Data Science 0590aA1.4
    • Mobile Mental Health 0590aB1.10
    • Entwicklung von psychologischen Online-Interventionen 0590aB1.11
    • Distributed Systems 0590aB1.21
    • Telematics 0590aB1.23
    • Advanced Analysis 0590aB1.24
    • Pattern Recognition 0590aB1.26
    • Network-Based Information Systems 0590aB1.27
    • Spez. Aspekte der Datenverwaltung 0590aB1.29
    • Research Practice 0590aB1.3
    • Big Data Analysis in Bioinformatics 0590aB1.31
    • Neurocognitive Methods and Programming for Data Science 0590aB1.4
    • Differentialpsychologische Ansätze in den Data Sciences 0590aB1.7
    • Einführung in die Psychoinformatik 0590aB1.9
    • Ausgewählte Themen der Data Science in Life Sciences 0590aB2.5
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