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SoSe 17: East European Studies

East European Studies

    • (P) Concepts and Contexts in East European Studies 0023fA1.1
    • Varieties of Disciplinary Foundations A 0023fA2.1
    • Varieties of Disciplinary Foundations B 0023fA2.2
    • (P) Interdisziplinäre Projektarbeit 0023fA3.1
    • (P) Interdisziplinäre Vertiefung 0023fA3.2
    • (P) Interdisciplinary project work 0023fB1.1
    • (P) Interdisciplinary specialisation 0023fB1.2
    • Multiple Modernities in Eastern Europe 0023fC1.1
    • (V) Perspectives on the History of Eastern and Eastern Central Europe 0023fC1.2
    • Symbolic and media-based forms of cultural practice 0023fC2.1
    • (V) Arts and Culture in Context 0023fC2.2
    • Institutional Change against a Backdrop of National and International Contextual Factors 0023fC3.1
    • (V) Subject-specific Specialisation in Selected Political Areas 0023fC3.2
    • Comparative Approaches to Social Change 0023fC4.1
    • (V) Specific Sociologies and Methods 0023fC4.2
    • Comparative economic systems 0023fC5.1
    • (V) Methods in Economic History and Resource Economics 0023fC5.2
    • Study visit to the University of Tartu 0023fC6.1
    • Institutioneller Wandel unter Berücksichtigung innerstaatlicher und internationaler Kontextfaktoren A 0023fC6.2
    • Sozialer Wandel und Gesellschaftsvergleich A 0023fC7.2
    • Language training 1 0023fD1.1.
    • Language training 2 0023fD1.2
    • Language training 3 0023fD1.3
    • Polish GPS Introductory Module 0105dA1.32
    • Polish GPS Foundation Module 2 0105dA1.33
    • Polish GPS Foundation Module 3 0105dA1.34
    • Polish GPS Foundation Module 4 0105dA1.35
    • Russian GPS Introductory Module 0105dA1.43
    • Russian GPS Foundation Module 2 0105dA1.44
    • Russian GPS Foundation Module 3 0105dA1.45
    • Russian GPS Foundation Module 4 0105dA1.46
    • Russian GPS Foundation Module 5 0105dA1.47
    • Russian Advanced Module I 0105dA1.48
    • Professional Internship 0023fD2.1
    • Internship part 1 0023fD2.2
    • Internship part 2 0023fD2.3
    • Academic Work 0023fE1.1
    • Master’s thesis - University of Tartu 0023fE2.2
    • Master’s thesis - HSE Moscow 0023fE2.3
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