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Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology

    • Aktuelle Themen der Paläontologie (5 LP) 0344dB1.10
    • Research Topics in Plant Biology in DCPS (5 CP) 0344dB1.14
    • New Trends in Ecological Sciences (5CP) 0344dB1.15
    • Ecology of Plant-Animal Interactions (5CP) 0344dB1.16
    • Collection Management - Curation (5 CP) 0344dB1.17
    • Current topics in Freshwater Ecology: Structure, Function and Dynamics (5CP) 0344dB1.9
    • Angewandte Bioinformatik (10 LP) 0344dB2.1
    • Flora and Vegetation of example habitats (10 CP) 0344dB2.10
    • Angewandte Bioinformatik II (10 LP) 0344dB2.2
    • Molecular Physiology of Plant Acclimatisation and Adaption (15 CP) 0344dB3.2
    • Ecology of Plants, Fungi and Micro-organisms (15 CP) 0344dB3.3
    • Spezialisierung zu ausgewählten Themen der Biodiversität, Evolution und Ökologie (20 LP) 0344dB4.1
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