SoSe 17  
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SoSe 17: Schwerpunktstudium

Schwerpunktstudium Naturwissenschaften

    • Genetics and Cell Biology for Biochemistry 0521aA1.1
    • Neurobiology and Behaviour for Biochemistry 0521aA1.2
    • Ecology for Biochemistry 0521aA1.3
    • Fundamentals of Biochemistry 0521aA1.4
    • Zoology and Evolution (Basic module) 0521aA10.1
    • Biochemistry and Microbiology (Basic module) 0521aA10.2
    • Botany and Biodiversity (Basic module) 0521aA10.3
    • Genetics and Cell Biology (Basic module) 0521aA10.4
    • Ecology (Basic module) 0521aA10.5
    • Neurobiology and Behaviour (Basic module) 0521aA10.6
    • General Biology 0521aA2.1
    • Allgemeine Chemie 0521aA2.2
    • Mathematics for students of Bioinformatics I 0521aA2.3
    • Mathematics for students of Bioinformatics II 0521aA2.4
    • General Chemistry 0521aA2.5
    • Principles of Organic Chemistry 0521aA3.1
    • Principles of Mathematics for Chemistry 0521aA3.2
    • Atombau und Chemische Bindung 0521aA3.3
    • Principles of Radiochemistry 0521aA3.4
    • Aufbaukurs Mathematik für das Fach Chemie 0521aA3.5
    • Introduction to Climatology and Hydrogeography 0521aA4.1
    • Introduction to Regional Planning 0521aA4.2
    • Geographies of difference 0521aA4.3
    • Erde I 0521aA5.1
    • Introduction to Mineralogy/Crystallography 0521aA5.2
    • General Palaeontology 0521aA5.3
    • Grundlagen der Hydrogeologie I 0521aA5.4
    • Functional Programming 0521aA6.1
    • Computer Architecture, Operating and Communication Systems 0521aA6.2
    • Impacts of Computer Science 0521aA6.3
    • Logic and Discrete Mathematics 0521aA6.4
    • Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 0521aA6.5
    • Analysis for Computer Scientists 0521aA6.6
    • Object-oriented Programming for students with some knowledge of programming 0521aA6.7
    • Analysis I 0521aA7.1
    • Analysis II 0521aA7.2
    • Linear Algebra I 0521aA7.3
    • Linear Algebra II 0521aA7.4
    • Panorama of Mathematics 0521aA7.5
    • Communicating about Mathematics 0521aA7.6
    • Programming 0521aA7.7
    • Wahlmodul: Mathematisches Propädeutikum 0521aA7.8
    • Fundamentals of Meteorology 0521aA8.1
    • Physical Climatology 0521aA8.2
    • Introduction to Physics 0521aA9.1
    • Electrodynamics and Optics 0521aA9.2
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