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WiSe 15/16: Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science

Political Science (2016 study regulations)

    • (P) Introduction to Political Science A 0020eA1.1
    • (P) Introduction to Scientific Working Methods 0020eA1.2
    • (P) Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Methods 0020eA1.3
    • (GB1) Political theory 0020eA2.1
    • (GB1) Political systems and comparison A 0020eA2.2
    • (GB1) Theory, empiricism and history of international relations 0020eA2.3
    • (GB2) Legal and philosophical foundations of politics 0020eA3.1
    • (GB2) International political economy 0020eA3.2
    • (GB2) Political sociology 0020eA3.3
    • (GB2) Political field analysis, in particular environmental policy 0020eA3.4
    • (GB2) Peace and conflict research 0020eA3.5
    • (GB2) European integration 0020eA3.6
    • (GB2) Regional political analysis 0020eA3.7
    • (SM) Political Theory 0020eB1.1
    • (SM) Political Systems and Comparison 0020eB1.2
    • (SM) International Relations 0020eB1.3
    • (SP) Political Theory 0020eC1.1
    • (SP) Regional Policy Analysis 0020eC1.10
    • (SP) Political Systems and Comparison 0020eC1.2
    • (SP) International Relations 0020eC1.3
    • (SP) Legal and Philosophical Principles of Politics 0020eC1.4
    • (SP) International Political Economy 0020eC1.5
    • (SP) Political Sociology 0020eC1.6
    • (SP) Policy Field Analysis, in particular Environmental Policy 0020eC1.7
    • (SP) Peace and Conflict Research 0020eC1.8
    • (SP) European Integration 0020eC1.9
    • (WB) Affine module 0020eC2.1
    • (P) Bachelor colloquium 0020eE1.2
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