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SoSe 18: Teacher Education

B.A. in Elementary Education (2006 study regulations - to be discontinued)

    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Teaching German in Elementary Schools 0183aA1.1
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Schools 0183aA2.1
    • Introductory Module: Social Studies 0183aA3.1
    • Advanced Module: Subject Areas in German and Written Language Acquisition 0183aB1.1
    • Advanced Module: (The teaching of) Mathematics as an Experience and Construct 0183aB2.1
    • Advanced Module: Social Studies 0183aB3.1
    • Specialization Module: Experimental Didactic Concepts for Teaching German/GSL (German as a Second Language) 0183aC1.1
    • Specialisation Module: Teaching Mathematics in Research and Development 0183aC2.1
    • Specialization Module: Social Studies 0183aC3.1
    • Studies on Teaching in Schools 0183aD1.1
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