WiSe 12/13  
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WiSe 12/13: North American Studies

Ergänzungsbereich Nordamerikastudien (Studienordnung 2015)

    • Specialisation module A: History - History of North America to 1865 0175dB1.1
    • Specialisation module B History - Historiography of North American history 0175dB1.2
    • Specialisation module A Culture - Ideas and cultural history of individual media 0175dB2.1
    • Specialisation module B Culture - Theories of American culture and the history of ethnic, regional and gender cultures 0175dB2.2
    • Specialisation Module A Literature - Literary Eras 0175dB3.1
    • Specialisation Module B Literature - Literary Genres 0175dB3.2
    • Specialisation Module A Politics - Policies and Politics 0175dB4.1
    • Specialisation Module B Politics - The State and Civil Society 0175dB4.2
    • Specialisation Module A Sociology - Social Structures 0175dB5.1
    • Specialisation Module B Sociology - Social Processes 0175dB5.2
    • Specialisation module A Economics - Growth, distribution and trade cycles in North America 0175dB6.1
    • Specialisation Module B Economics - History of Economics and Financial Markets 0175dB6.2
    • (P) Scientific working methods 0175dC1.1
    • Orientation module History 0175dA3.1
    • Orientation module Culture 0175dA3.2
    • Orientation module Literature 0175dA3.3
    • Orientation module Politics 0175dA3.4
    • Orientation module Sociology 0175dA3.5
    • Orientation module Economics 0175dA3.6
    • Related module 1 0489aA1.1
    • Related module 2 0489aA1.2
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