SoSe 19  
Veterinary Medi...  
Equine Science  

SoSe 19: Veterinary Medicine

Equine Science

    • Basic natural sciences 0085aA1.1
    • Scientific working techniques 0085aA1.2
    • Basic agricultural sciences 0085aA1.3
    • Basic health issues 0085aA1.4
    • Equine business law 0085aA1.5
    • Ethology 0085aB1.1
    • Human-equine relations 0085aB1.2
    • Horsebreeding 0085aB1.3
    • Equine reproduction 0085aB1.4
    • Specific health issues 0085aB1.5
    • Equine business management 0085aB1.6
    • Working horse 0085aB1.7
    • Training of working horses 0085aB1.8
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