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WiSe 15/16: Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Master's programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2013 study regulations)

    • Studienbegleitendes Lehrangebot 0338bA0.1
    • Theories in Social and Cultural Anthropology 0338bA1.1
    • Anthropology of Religions 0338bA1.2
    • Social Structures 0338bA1.3
    • Ethnographic Work 0338bA1.4
    • Psychological Anthropology 0338bB1.1
    • Medical Anthropology 0338bB1.2
    • Environmental Anthropology 0338bB1.3
    • Visual and Media Anthropology 0338bB1.4
    • Research placement - principles 0338bC1.1
    • Research placement - evaluation 0338bC1.2
    • Final colloquium 0338bE1.2
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