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German-Israeli Doctoral Program

Doktoranden des Graduiertenkollegs bei einer Führung der NGO Ir Amin durch Ostjerusalem.

Doctoral students in the Human Rights under Pressure graduate program during a tour of the Israeli NGO Ir Amim through East Jerusalem.
Image Credit: HR-UP

"Human Rights under Pressure" (HR-UP) is an international doctoral and postdoctoral study and research training group under the joint auspices of Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

News from Jul 16, 2015

The research training group, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Einstein Foundation Berlin, brings together doctoral candidates from different countries and disciplines who want to explore the situation of human rights under the influence of crises, globalization, and cultural diversity.

Forty candidates in all will be admitted to the program at the two sites over the three-year term, and some of them will even finish with a dual doctorate. Each candidate has one Israeli professor and one German one as advisors and will spend four to eight months in the other country.

“We are crafting an international network to enable innovative and interdisciplinary research on human rights,” says Hoffmann-Holland, co-head and one of the initiators of the first German-Israeli interdisciplinary research training group.

The project is also part of the strategic partnership between the universities, in which Freie Universität and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem work closely together in the fields of research, teaching, and administration.