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During the first two funding periods, the project coordination on the German side was based fully at the leading Berlin university. Since 2015, in addition to the respective academic leaders, there are further contact persons at both Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität.

The responsibility is split: The coordinator at Freie Universität with a 75% position is responsible for the general coordination of the project and all tasks that are connected with it. The coordinator at Humboldt-Universität with a 25% position is mainly the contact person for questions that are related to Humbold-Universität and is furthermore responsible for the organization and carrying out of the annual ZDS summer school in Berlin. Together they organize and carry an interdisciplinary seminar for the ZDS master's students. The position at Humboldt-Universität is located in the International Office in the main building Unter den Linden, the position at Freie Universität is affiliated with both the Division of International Affairs and the Department of Philosophy and Humanities. A representative ZDS office is located in the International House of Freie Universität, a historical building that was renovated in 2015.

At Peking University, a member of the research staff and a student assistant are responsible for the organizational issues of the ZDS cooperation. The premises of the Center with the ZDS library are picturesquely located in the so-called “House at the Lake” in the immediate vicinity of the “Lake without a Name” on the campus of Peking University.