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About Us

The German Studies Center (ZDS) is an interdisciplinary teaching and research institution at Peking University. This university steeped in tradition and often called “the Chinese Harvard” is one of the top research institutions in China. Fellows of the ZDS are excellent scholars from various disciplines – especially from German language and literature, history, law, economy, education, religious studies, philosophy, international relations, sociology, and art studies – whose research interests are focused on Germany.

Furthermore many renowned experts for Germany are corresponding members of the ZDS. They not only take part in the academic and research work of the Center, but also form bridges of cooperation between the ZDS and their respective universities and research institutions. Numerous high-visibility events are organized – often in collaboration with non-university institutions – and add to the reputation of the ZDS as a Sino-German think tank.

The ZDS was founded in 2002. In close cooperation with the two Berlin universities of excellence Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität, it has been receiving continuous funding as a “flagship project” from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 2005. In addition to this cooperation, it maintains comprehensive relationships with German institutions of higher education.