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Scholarly Expertise at Freie Universität Berlin

The complex of themes related to fleeing, migration, and integration is being studied at Freie Universität as part of several research initiatives. Scholars from different departments at Freie Universität are approaching these themes from various angles. The numerous academic perspectives are an indication of the complexity and relevance of the topic.

Here you can find a selection of research projects associated with Freie Universität Berlin:

The Disaster Research Unit at Freie Universität Berlin (DSU) is an interdisciplinary organization of the social sciences department. Numerous projects and published works of the DSU have dealt with refugee support and the shelter situation in Berlin.

  • You can find different publications on the subject here.

The Division of Clinical Psychological Intervention, under the leadership of Professor Christine Knaevelsrud, has published numerous works about psychotherapeutic diagnoses and treatment approaches for refugees. You can find some of her publications here:

Also the Division of Cross-Cultural Developmental Psychology of the same department as the previous division, the Department of Education and Psychology, has taken part in researching the process of adaptation for young Arab refugees, in order to expand scholarly knowledge in this area: Making a New Home in Germany: How do Newly Arrived Arabic Refugee Youth Acculturate to Life in Germany?

The research project Flight 2.0 from the Institute for Media and Communication Studies utilized a representative quantitative survey in refugee housing in Berlin in order to investigate the refugees’ use of mobile devices during the journey from their home countries to Germany. The object of scholarly analysis was the refugees’ media usage not only during, but also before and after they had fled.

We are glad to receive further information on research projects about these topics via email: info@welcome.fu-berlin.de