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Series in campus.leben Online Magazine

Talking with the German President

At Freie Universität President Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with students and researchers who came to Berlin as refugees.

"Today we want to celebrate you!"

Lively music, a poetry slam, and a theater performance marked the end of the semester for refugees in the Studienkolleg preparatory program at Freie Universität.

"Many people do not want to just sit around idly and wait."

Degree Programs in Business and Economics: Information Session for Refugees on January 19, 2017

Excellent Preparation

At Freie Universität's Studienkolleg, refugees can take advanced German courses as well as specific subject courses to help prepare them for German universities.

Revolution and a New Life

Almost ten years ago the Syrian veterinarian Salah Al Masri came to Germany to work on his doctorate. Today he supports refugees at German universities.

Integration Starts with Getting to Know Each Other

Students at Freie Universität and refugees visited the Long Night of Science together

"You just have to concentrate on the present."

Panel Discussion at Freie Universität on Training Situation of Syrian Refugees in Germany

“They are a wonderful asset for our institute.”

Two young veterinarians fled the war in Syria and found work as doctoral researchers at the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy.

“Now I’m hopeful again”

Abdulsalam Jawish, a librarian who fled Syria in 2015, recently completed an internship at Freie Universität’s Campus Library.

Let's talk about it!

Students at Freie Universität's Centre for Independent Language Learning Organize German Workshops for Refugees