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Summer Semester 2016

BA (Bachelor of Arts) Courses:

  • Graduate Course: Introduction to Medical Anthropology (Nasima Selim)
  • Graduate Course: State and Society in Indonesia Eric (Anton Heuser)
  • Graduate Course: Youth and Future; Hopes, Anxieties, and Aspirations in the African Context (Kristina Franziska Dohrn)
  • Graduate Course: Precarious Times: Temporality, Unemployment and Waiting (Roderick Galam)

MA (Master of Arts) Courses:

  • Oberseminar: Techniques of transformation: medical effectiveness in the light of sensorial experiences in therapeutics (Elisabeth Hsu)
  • Oberseminar: Introduction to Media and Visual Anthropology (Judith Albrecht)
  • Seminar: Poetic Framing (Kristian Petersen)
  • Seminar: Indigenous Media (Philipp Budka)
  • Seminar: Space and Place - Theoretical Foundations and Methods for Visualisation (Christian Reichel)
  • Seminar: Archive Montage. Using archive footage for essayistic film (Thomas Kaske)