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Who are the Welcome@FUBerlin offers for?

The training and study offerings are aimed at refugees who wish to continue or start a degree program. The goal is to prepare them for a regular degree program at Freie Universität Berlin (and with certain restrictions, at other cooperating universities in Berlin).

The basic requirements are a residential status as a refugee with residence in Berlin or Brandenburg and German level A2 or B1, depending on the course. 

Candidates are also required to prove that in their home country, they meet the qualification requirements for a higher education program (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, short: HZB) in order to participate. If an applicant has a direct HZB, they cann attend the German courses, if they have an indirect HZB, the can attend the preparatory courses. For more information about the Higher Education Entrance Qualification (HZB), please visit this site. Your HZB will be examined by uni-assist when you apply for the welcome courses. Please make sure to have all required documents ready. 

Please direct any general inqueries about studying at Freie Universität Berlin at the "Info-Service Studium"

For questions regarding the welcome courses, please contact: beratung@welcome.fu-berlin.de.