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Online Publishing in the Institutional Repository Refubium

Refubium Logo

Refubium Logo

URL: https://refubium.fu-berlin.de

The Institutional Repository is a service provided by the Freie Universität Berlin University Library. Freie Universität members can deposit their theses and dissertations (eTDs) and other scholarly works here within the framework of the Open Access Initiative.

Freie Universität Berlin members are encouraged to deposit their works in the repository regardless of whether they have already been published elsewhere. The University Library archives, indexes, and stores the electronic documents permanently, and ensures that they can be retrieved via library catalogues or search engines.

What kind of documents can be published?

Articles, books, working papers, conference proceedings, journal articles, doctoral theses, research data, student theses (e.g. bachelor and/or master theses).

What are the advantages?

  • Long-term archiving
  • Persistent identifiers
  • DOIs, ISBNs and ISSNs
  • Open-access publications can be accessed worldwide via the Internet
  • Publication is fast and free of charge

Authors' rights and copyright

  • Authors' rights are not affected by publication on the Freie Universität Institutional Repository. Authors are at liberty to publish their work subsequently in print or other form or to deposit it on other servers if desired.
  • You can also make your work available with a Creative Commons License (option in “Rights of Use”) if you wish, for example, to facilitate redistribution and modification of your work.


  • Submission of metadata
  • Upload of files in pdf format
  • Publication agreement (not relevant for publication in genuine open-access journals)
  • Public access enabled

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Funding for open access publications

There are numerous funding options available to university members for Open Access publications:

Information and guidance

Do you have any questions concerning DOi's, copyright and author agreement, please contact us. 

Redaktion Dokumentenserver
E-mail: edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de

please see also Open Access at Freie Universität

Further Information