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Electronic Doctoral Theses

Submission Procedure: just a few steps

1. Enter metadata

Please log in on Refubium. For login information, see Login. Then you can start a new submission. Please select the collection Dissertationen FU. Describe your dissertation in detail in the online form. Mandatory fields are marked in bold. A clickable i provides more details about the fields.

2. Upload file(s)

We recommend that you upload your doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise as one pdf file; however, if that is not possible, there is no limit to the number of files you can upload. The files must be searchable (optical character recognition) in order to guarantee a full text search. In addition, the files must not contain password protection nor any document restrictions. Please avoid special characters and blanks in file names.

3. Accepting the publication agreement

By accepting the publication agreement, you allow a long term archiving of your document. Furthermore, you agree to the worldwide availability of your document.

4. Formal examination and e-mail confirmation

After you successfully uploaded your document, it is in our „workflow“ area. Your document is not yet published. The editorial team Dissertation Online will check the metadata and the pdf file and will then inform you about necessary corrections via e-mail (where applicable). For this we will contact you via the e-mail address of your login. As soon as all the requirements on metadata and the pdf file of your dissertation are met, we will ask you to have the required printed copies made and to submit them in our office (along with the imprimatur).

5. Acknowledgement of receipt and online availability

Upon receiving the printed copies and the imprimatur (personally or by post), the editorial team Dissertation Online checks the printed version and the online version for consistency. Provided that all requirements are fulfilled and all the necessary data are complete, we will issue your acknowledgement of receipt, and your thesis will be made available world wide.