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In case of submission of copies of a publishing house

The number of publisher copies that candidates are required to submit is specified in each department's doctoral graduation regulations. In addition to the publisher's title page the copies submitted to the dissertations department must also include a title page as specified in the sample title page (see general) and conform to the requirements specified above.

All other copies must either include a statement that the work is a dissertation submitted to the Freie Universität Berlin or the abbreviation D 188. Further, candidates must submit proof in writing confirming a publisher's print run of least 150 copies given corresponding demand. For the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, a print run of at least 95 copies is applicable.

Provided that
- the title is kept available (for at least 5 years, basically unlimited according to long term archiving)
- the title is entered in “Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher” (the German list of available books)
we don’t need a written confirmation about the print run.

However, the PDF file of your dissertation is to be delivered additionally, which will be archived long-term after 5 years on our Refubium. This is not necessary if the publisher guarantees long-term archiving (for at least 5 years, basically unlimited according to long term archiving) of the e-book.

If a dissertation is distributed by a commercial enterprise and a grant by a public-body donor was awarded to offset the printing costs, an extra two copies must be submitted to the University Library for exchange purposes.