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Assessment Exam

Assessment Exam after Attending the Studienkolleg

The Assesment Exam consists of

The duration of the written exams depends on the specific course and can take between three and four hours each.

Additional oral exams in the mandatory subjects may become necessary for candidates who have obtained insufficient results.

The Assessment Exam can be repeated once only.

Assessment Exam without Attending the Studienkolleg

External candidates who wish to take the Assessment Exam without having previously attended the Studienkolleg, will have to prepare individually for the Exam. They have to meet the same requirements as Studienkolleg participants after successfully completing their degree program related course (the applicant will need to have C1-level German skills).

Candidates for the external Assessment Exam must apply via uni-assist just as future participants in the Studienkolleg, hand in the same documents, and specify on an additional application form the subjects of their Assessment Exam which will be taken in German and in two mandatory subjects of the respective degree program related course. There will be an oral exam in the remaining subjects.

There are regular counseling dates for the external assessment exam.

Once applicants have proven that they meet the admission requirements, they will be invited to a test of their German skills at the Studienkolleg. The aim of the test is to find out if their German skills are sufficient to pass the Assessment Exam. The admission to the Assessment Exam will depend on the result of this test. Should the numer of eligible candidates exceed Studienkolleg's capacities, a ranking list according to the results of the language tests will be made. There is no entitlement to the admission to the external examination (Externenprüfung).

This test usually takes place in April.