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If your school-leaving certificate qualifies you to apply directly for a degree program, you will not be admitted to the Studienkolleg.

All applications are managed by the application platform uni-assist. Please choose which of our associated universities (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin or the Charité) you ultimately intend to study at beforehand and do not apply to Studienkolleg via more than one of the above-mentioned universities as they all share one Studienkolleg. Applying twice for the same program will not improve your chances. Please visit the relevant web pages for the university you ultimately intend to study at first, in order to get up-to-date information on the admissions process.

Application Freie Universität Berlin

Application Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Application Universitätsmedizin Berlin Charité

The deadline for your Studienkolleg application for the winter term 2021/22 is the 31st of July. Studienkolleg courses begin in September. There is no admission for the summer term.

In uni-assist you have to apply for a degree program at the Freie Universität Berlin or at one of our partner universities (Humboldt Universität Berlin and Charité). If you apply to Humboldt Universität you will have to select the Studienkolleg option. If you apply to Charité or Freie Universität, you will automatically get assigned to the Studienkolleg if you do not fulfill the requirements to apply directly for a degree program. The course programs you get assigned to will depend on the degree program you have chosen. You do not choose this yourself.

The language of instruction at our Studienkolleg is German. The Freie Universität Berlin offers no preparatory German courses for beginners. With your application, you have to send in an adequate school leaving certificate as well as proof of German language skills such as DSH-1, TestDaF level 3, a B2 certificate. If you fulfil these requirements, you will be invited to take an entry test (Scholastic Assessment Test) which is held in Berlin.

For an admission to the Economics Course (W-Kurs) you should exhibit relevant English language skills on a B1 level (completed). A lower language level could affect your academic success.

We would advise you to try to get a student applicant visa with the confirmation from uni-assist that your application is complete and will be forwarded to the university. A student applicant visa can be converted into a student visa in Germany.

Obligatory full-time education and only a few weeks for school holidays will not allow regular jobbing during your studies at the Studienkolleg.

Assessment Exam without Attending Studienkolleg Courses

Candidates for the external Assessment Exam must apply via uni-assist until 15th January.

Those who wish to take the Assessment Exam without having previously attended Studienkolleg will have to prepare individually for the exam. They have to meet the same requirements as Studienkolleg participants as well as proof of German skills at a minimum level of C1 (GER).

Applicants who meet the admission requirements will be invited to an entry test. This test usually takes place in April.

Candidates for the external Assessment Exam have to specify the subjects they choose for their written and oral exams respectively on an additional form. The Assessment Exam will be taken in German and in two mandatory subjects according to the course. There will be an oral exam in the remaining subjects.

Successful completion of the Studienkolleg/Assessment Exam does not guarantee admission to a degree program. Once you have successfully completed the Assessment Exam you have to apply again to your chosen degree program. You can apply to all universities in Germany, but only within the scope of your course program. Since admission is often competitive, chances of admission depend on your grades both on the certificate of the Assessment Exam and previous certificates.

Application via uni-assist

For questions regarding application and admission please contact:

Info-Service Studium
Information by telephone: +49 30 838 70000: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (all year)

Email: Info-Service@fu-berlin.de

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