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Pictures and Movies

Here you can find our documentations of past Schools@University and Teachers' trainings as well as videos done by the students and an introductory short movie.

These four YouTube clips shows you four exemplatory movies about some of the methods that Schools@University uses in workshops.

Example Design Thinking

Example Trickfilm

Example Bionic


This English language movie will give you an introduction to Schools@University, using impressions from workshops in March 2016 (external link to YouTube).

Here, some students of Schools@University from September 2012 give short interviews about the workshops they visited.


This short clip was created during the Workshop "Saft & Kraft" (Juice and Power) in September 2012. It talks about energy and our everyday use of it. Students present their favourite gadgets, which they would take to a lonely island.

Movie (3 minutes)

In the workshop Sei Berlin - Ich plane meine Stadt der Zukunft ("Be Berlin- I'm planning my future city), students design an environmentally friendly future city by using the Design Thinking Method. Ms Heike Ernst of Berlin's University of Applied Sciences (HTW) led the workshop in September 2012.


Students created diverse short movies about water in this workshop. Here is a selection (language: German).

Das Dorf ohne Wasser 
Auf dem Weg ins Meer
Die Blume 
Virtueller Wasserverbrauch
Water Usage 
Finding Nemo 2.0