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Wan-Jui Wang

Wan-Jui Wang | The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Wan-Jui Wang | The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Global Humanities Junior Research and Teaching Stay at Freie Universitaet Berlin
June - September 2014

Crossing borders in Taiwan Cinema

Focusing on Taiwan New Cinema from its inception in 1982 to the present, this project examines the key features of historical representation, dramatic genre and postcolonial discourse. Taiwan New Cinema configures the different political formations of Taiwanese culture, and deals with the historical, social and cultural relations between Taiwanese culture and other cultures such as Mainland Chinese, American and Japanese. Wan-Jui Wang (王萬睿) argues that Taiwan New Cinema has become a vital cultural space wherein questions of national borders and identities are being renegotiated. This project investigates Taiwan New Cinema and its historical and cultural phenomena from three directions.

Wan-Jui Wang completed his doctorate in Film Studies at University of Exeter in 2014. He got his first master degree in Taiwanese Literature at National Cheng Kung University and second master in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His academic interests include in Taiwanese literature, Taiwan cinema, transnational Chinese cinemas and postcolonial studies. You are welcome to contact him at: wanjui1230[at]gmail.com.

Wan-Jui Wang will teach a seminar within the Global Humanities Campus entitled: Crossover: Cold War Narratives in Taiwan New Cinema.