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What subsidies are available for the stay abroad?

During your stay at the EHESS within the context of the PCD network's Mobility Program you will receive support in the form of lump sum grants:

  • A subsidy of your accommodation costs
  • A subsidy of your travel costs
  • Exemption from student fees at the EHESS
  • Free access to all the university’s libraries

Simultaneous receipt of a scholarship

  • Other DAAD scholarships (e.g. PROMOS, individual DAAD scholarships, etc.) must be suspended during your stay. Likewise, a PCD fellowship cannot be combined with an ERASMUS scholarship, a Deutschlandstipendium, a Fulbright scholarship, or a scholarship from the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule.
  • Other public or private scholarships may be accepted in full, in addition to that from the PCD network.