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Password, PIN

Freie Universität students

Freie Universität students sign it to the library portal Primo with their FU Account credentials, as maintained by ZEDAT (compare Registration, User Card / Campuscard).

To change your password or personal data or to change settings, so that e-mails are forwarded to your preferred address, please go to ZEDAT Portal and use the functionality provided there (compare: ZEDAT FAQs). Note: In order to access electronic media from your own device, you have to connect it to the University network using Eduroam or VPN (see: Terms and Conditions of Use for Electronic Resources Licensed to Freie Universität Berlin on the University Library website).

Users with library cards

Other users are assigned a password when they receive a library card. In that case the password can be changed as part of the personal settings in Primo.

Forgot your password?

Users with library cards can turn to a circulation desk at a Freie Universität library to have a new password assigned. (Please present valid identification.)


For self-checkout machines, please use the barcode on your student card. Instead of a password, you will need a PIN. For Freie Universität students, the default PIN ist the postal code (Postleitzahl) for the street address as held in the University's student address system). Go to the Personal Details page in the My Account section in Primo to change the PIN.