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Registration, User Card / Campuscard



Freie Universität Berlin students

  • For Freie Universität Berlin students, either their valid student card or, in most cases, as of 2017, the CampusCard is concurrently the user card for the FU libraries. For signing in, Freie Universität students use their FU account credentials.
  • FU Students can redirect emails to their preferred addresses on the ZEDAT-Portal.

Other users

  • Users officially registered in Berlin or in Brandenburg can obtain user cards for all Freie Universität Libraries at no charge on presentation of identification (Personalausweis; or passport in combination with official proof of residence (Meldebescheinigung)), which entitle them to take out books on loan.
  • The original password for signing in to electronic services is normaly the date of birth in ddmmyy format, but for cards obtained from 2017 onward, it is ddmmyy, followed by the first letter of the user's last name, followed by an exclamation mark. The original password can be changed in the account-settings menu.
  • Users who are residents neither of Berlin nor of Brandenburg, can obtain guest user cards at no charge on presentation of identification, which entitle them to request items to the Reading Room.
  • Libraries will send notifications to the e-mail address specified in the users' accounts.

Loss of user cards / Campuscards

Loss of user cards / Campuscards must be reported to the library without delay (University Library Information Desk, telephone: (030) 838-52265), so the pertinent user account can be blocked, in order to prevent abuse.