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On your account page (compare: Registration, User Card / Campuscard) you can monitor your loans, requests, due fees, blocks, messages, and personal information.


This is where you can see when the loan periods for your loans will end and where you can extend loan periods – if possible.


This is where you can see your open requests, including hold request for items that are currently out on loan, as well as a list of items that are ready for you to pick up, including information where you can pick them up and how long they will be held for you.

Fines + fees

This is where you can see whether you have accumulated any fees. If your due fees reach 10 Euros, your account will be temporarily blocked.

Blocks + messages

This is where you can see whether your account has been blocked or whether a library has sent you a note.

Personal details

This is where you can:

  • change your language settings for the platform (German or English)
  • check whether your library card is still valid
  • change your PIN (for self-checkout machines)
  • and, if you are not a Freie Universität student, change your password