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Sustainability Report 2020

This is the second report published by Freie Universität Berlin and presents  steps taken in achieving its goals of sustainability and climate protection. The report focuses on the activities 2018 and 2019, but also presents future sustainability goals of the FU Berlin.

News from Jun 03, 2021

In December of 2019, the  executive board of the university declared a state of climate emergency, making FU Berlin the first university in Germany with such a strong institutional commitment.

The university has committed itself to considering the possible consequences for the climate in all its decisions and plans and to supporting the personal dedication to climate protection of all members of the university through a special ideas and innovation management. Sustainability and climate protection will be core themes in all curricula and international networks of the university. In addition, Freie Universität wants to be climate neutral by 2025 and to continue its efforts to promote sustainability and climate protection in its administration and on campus. 
Freie Universität began systematically pursuing climate protection 20 years ago. With a bundle of measures and incentive instruments, it has succeeded in reducing energy consumption by around 27 percent during this period. Carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy use for buildings have been reduced by 80 percent. One focus of future sustainability management will be activities related to sustainable mobility. In this context, the university will also address the question of how the climate-damaging flight emissions associated with business trips can be limited and reduced.

You can also obtain the free online version here.

The printed version of the Sustainability Report 2020 can be ordered here: Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management, Freie Universität Berlin, email: sustainability@fu-berlin.de


Andreas Wanke, Director of the Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management at Freie Universität Berlin, email: andreas.wanke@fu-berlin.de

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