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Climate strike week at the FU and #climatestrike

Klimastreikwoche an der FU

Klimastreikwoche an der FU
Image Credit: Lisann Fried

Globaler Klimastreik am 29.11.2019

Globaler Klimastreik am 29.11.2019

Numerous actions and events of the Public Climate School take place since Monday at FU Berlin and many other German universities. The grand final of the climate (strike) week will be the global climate strike on Friday, November 29.

News from Nov 27, 2019

On Monday, a student plenary assembly introduced the climate strike week initiated by Students for Future at FU Berlin. A lot has happened since then: numerous lectures, discussions and workshops have already been held within the Public Climate School. Scientists for Future initiator Gregor Hagedorn, for example, was a guest in the Lectures for Future on Tuesday and discussed "Why everything is much worse and why we don't talk about it". The Public Climate School program runs until Friday, an overview of the upcoming events can be foundhere.

The students are also preparing for the closing session of their plenary meeting on Thursday - and have declared the lecture hall 1a in Rostlaube occupied until the end of the meeting. Until then only lectures dealing with climate change will be hold in hall 1a. The final session on Thursday will feature a final discussion and the vote on the students' demands for climate action at FU Berlin.

On Friday, November 29, the global climate strike organized by Fridays for Future will be the country-wide grand finale of the climate strike week. In Germany alone, more than 500 towns and villages have announced campaigns and demonstrations. The world-wide climate protest does not only form the closing of the climate strike week and Public Climate School; it also voices a clear demand for climate justice to the World Climate Conference. Starting Monday, December 2, the representatives of the United Nations member states will continue negotiations about the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and the future measures against climate crisis.

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