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The living room is back!

Source: Unit for Sustainabilty & Energy Management

Source: Unit for Sustainabilty & Energy Management

Sit back and relax or play a round of table football - together with BSR (Berlin City Cleaning Department) we once again set up our cosy living room on the campus.

News from Nov 13, 2019

Whether to chat, work or just hang out – our secondhand living room is the perfect place for a relaxed get-together open to all FU students and employees. You can find it in the foyer in front of the lecture hall 1 in rust and silver lodge until December 09th.

On their waste-free friday (#abfallfreitag) wants to raise awareness on avoiding unnecessary waste and consumption, thereby sending a contradictory statement towards the upcoming “black friday”. It is the fourth time that we have organized this living room campaign together with BSR. It is our joint effort not only to create a cosy meeting point but also to encourage waste avoidance and the sustainable use of resources. The furniture is from the secondhand platform of BSR.

Did you know? Sharing is Caring!

BSR hosts the online platformTausch- und Verschenkemarkt where furniture and other items are looking for a new. So if you like our furniture from the living room, take a look at the BSR platform! Maybe you can find some true treasures here. Additionally, you are welcome to join the lottery, for your chance to win the exhibited furniture. More about the draw and how to participate is found at our living room.

More items to reuse and share:

The FU is providing a similar platform which is called “FUndgrube”. Here you can find different items that are given away or offered for swapping or sharing.

Events and further information:

The European Week for waste reduction will take place from November 16th to November 24th. The event aims to mobilize as many actors as possible to implement awareness raising action on waste reduction, product reuse and materials recycling. Local campaigns can be found on this website.

We would also like to welcome you to our public lecture series “Transforming Our World” focused on sustainability. Another public lecture series organized by FU Berlins Fridays For Future group can be found here.




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