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Fast Fashion - The Dark Sides of Fashion

Jeans factory in Semarang, Indonesia

Jeans factory in Semarang, Indonesia
Image Credit: M. Fuchs

Clothing Recycled

Clothing Recycled
Image Credit: Timothy Mitchell

Special exhibition on fashion consumer culture starts on 27.09.2019 in the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Dahlem.

News from Sep 12, 2019

From 27 September 2019, the Museum Europäischer Kulturen (MEK) will present the exhibition "Fast Fashion. The Dark Sides of Fashion". The exhibition takes a critical look at the problematic effects of the global fast fashion industry: whether environmental pollution or unfair working conditions - fashion sins in the textile industry can be found in great numbers.

From throwaway to slow fashion

But the exhibition also shows alternatives: the MEK expands the program and gives an exciting insight into the world of fair and sustainable fashion, which has found its capital above all in Berlin. Designers and stakeholders of the Berlin slow fashion scene will present their innovations, report on fair fashion trends and give tips on how to organize your own wardrobe in a sustainable way.

The exhibition not only encourages visitors to critically question their own consumption patterns, but also offers a direct opportunity to celebrate fashion in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. In addition to the show, the program includes numerous interactive formats such as workshops, clothes swap parties and repair cafés.

All information about the exhibition and the accompanying program can be found on the homepage of the Museum of European Cultures, which is located on the Dahlem Campus of FU Berlin.

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