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Blooming Campus FU

Blooming Campus Schwendenerstr. 17

Blooming Campus Schwendenerstr. 17
Image Credit: Sustainability & Energy Management Unit

Logo Blooming Campus

Logo Blooming Campus

„Here grows a flower meadow!“

News from May 20, 2019

The project „Blühender Campus“ (blooming campus) promotes biodiversity on FU Campus. Starting May 2019, the project currently encompasses around 10 green spaces, which are no longer mowed, to analyze the effects of biodiversity growth. One of the meadows is located at the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit in Dahlem (Schwendenerstr. 17).

The former green spaces are now evolving into flowering meadows. These are not just food sources and living spaces for insects but they also have a positive effect on microclimate and can filter fine dust. At the same time, the flowering meadows require less maintenance than green spaces as they do not need to be fertilized or watered and are only mowed for 1-2 times per season.

The initiative seeks to directly link the topic biodiversity with the FU sustainability strategy and actively implements it within the framework of sustainable campus management. The project is closely monitored by FU researchers. Additionally, two master students will conduct research for their thesis right on campus. The findings will help to better understand the transformation of green spaces into biodiversity hubs and will give important implications for transferring such projects across the city.

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