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Climate Emergency

Freie Universität acknowledges its responsibility for sustainability and climate protection.

Freie Universität acknowledges its responsibility for sustainability and climate protection.
Image Credit: Sören Maahs

Original Statement by the Executive Board of Freie Universität Berlin from December 17, 2019

A University’s Responsibility
Freie Universität Berlin Declares Climate Emergency

Freie Universität Berlin has declared a climate emergency. Scientific findings regarding the causes of climate change and approaches to the related risks are fundamental to developing political counterstrategies. The contribution of science to this global challenge has to be better integrated in politics and society. 

Universities have a special responsibility in this context. In line with the German Rector’s Conference, we see universities as society’s Zukunftswerkstätten (“living labs”), which not only generate new scientific findings and communicate these to society, but also act in an exemplary way within their areas of responsibility. To this end, Freie Universität relies on its many years of experience in and successful continuous dedication to energy and sustainability management.

For Freie Universität Berlin, declaring a climate emergency stems from a sense of urgency and comprises the following resolutions:

  • considering the possible consequences for the climate in all decisions and plans
  • attaining climate neutrality at Freie Universität Berlin by 2025
  • making sustainability and climate protection even more visible in research, teaching, and transfer in the future and systematically embedding these themes in our international networks
  • comprehensively integrating climate protection and sustainability in the curricula at Freie Universität Berlin
  • supporting the personal dedication to sustainability and climate protection of all members of the university through  ideas and innovation management
  • continuing our efforts to promote sustainability and climate protection in our own areas of responsibility, i.e., within the administration and on campus
  • assessing and documenting our progress through periodic reports
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