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Services for Alumni

Alumni Bildquelle: Freie Universität Berlin | Sabina Nadzhafova

Alumni Bildquelle: Freie Universität Berlin | Sabina Nadzhafova

Staying in touch ...

For most of you who spent time at Freie Universität – as students, lecturers, or researchers – Berlin means more than just the university campus. Indeed, some of your fondest memories may be of the city itself with its manifold attractions; of green, leafy Dahlem; or simply of the cafeteria where you used to meet your friends. Such memories are enjoyed best when shared, occasionally refreshed, and deepened. To provide a forum for trips down memory lane, several departments of Freie Universität organize regular alumni meetings. As of late, the university’s Moscow Office serves as the first point of contact for all the university’s alumni in Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union.

What does Freie Universität offer its alumni?

An opportunity to

  • meet, chat, and network with other alumni

  • participate in alumni events of Freie Universität

  • stay informed about Freie Universität and engage in alumni activities of your own

  • attend public functions.

An overview about alumni services of Freie Universität in general and at its various departments can be found at the website of the Alumni Office.

The Moscow Office of Freie Universität additionally

  • informs about Freie Universität, esp. regarding its activities in Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union, inter alia in the Information of the Moscow office FURUSINFO.

  • conducts regional alumni events

  • supports the development of regional alumni clubs

  • answers all questions about Freie Universität and its regional programs.

Further international alumni activities of Freie Universität are presented on the website of the Center for International Cooperation.

Regional Events

2009: Alumni meeting in Saint Petersburg (in German).

2011: Movie night and reception "Ich bin einer Berliner!" in Moscow

2014: Leibniz Lecture by Prof. Ziegler and reception by Freie Universität Berlin in St. Petersburg.