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International Research Training Group: Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law and Politics

Doktoranden des Graduiertenkollegs bei einer Führung der NGO Ir Amin durch Ostjerusalem.

Doctoral students in the Human Rights under Pressure graduate program during a tour of the Israeli NGO Ir Amim through East Jerusalem.
Image Credit: HR-UP

Prof. Tomer Broude ist der Sprecher der Hebrew University des Kollegs "Human Rights under Pressure".

Professor Tomer Broude is the program chair from Hebrew University of the Human Rights under Pressure doctoral program.
Image Credit: Douglas Guthrie / HR-UP

Prof. Dr. Hoffmann-Holland bei der Einführungsveranstaltung in Herbst 2014 in Jerusalem.

Professor Klaus Hoffmann-Holland, the program chair from Freie Universität, during the introductory meeting in the fall of 2014 in Jerusalem.
Image Credit: Douglas Guthrie/HR-UP

Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law and Politics is an international, interdisciplinary doctoral and postdoctoral study and research training group under the joint auspices of Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Currently seven graduate students in Berlin and seven in Jerusalem are working toward their doctorate, and two postdoctoral research fellows are also involved in the interdisciplinary program.

The range of subjects includes the humanities and social sciences, philosophy, law, and history. At the end of their training, the students receive a joint PhD from both universities.

The project is funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Another partner is the Human Rights Center at the University of Potsdam.

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