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Quality of Service

A quality of service or QOS is a set of parameters which is associated with a job. The QOSs available, together with the properties they define, can be seen via the command sqos.


A QOS can increase the priority of a job, but this will be offset by a reduction in the maximum run-time of the job. In addition, only a certain number of jobs per user can be run or submitted in a given QOS. The QOS can be set by using the following in the submit script:

#SBATCH --qos=standard

Thus it is possible to start a test job in the partition main with the QOS hiprio which runs on a large number of nodes. Please note that a limit, such as TimeLimit, set by the QOS will override that set by the partition.  Please also note that if you specify a TimeLimit which is larger thant that allowed by the QOS, your job will be unalbe to start.