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Forschungsverbund SED-Staat at Freie Universität

II. Nationalkongress der Nationalen Front des demokratischen Deutschland

Meeting of the II. National Congress of the National Front of Democratic Germany in Berlin, 15/16 March 1954.

Welcome to the pages of the Forschungsverbund SED-Staat at Freie Universität Berlin. Since its foundation 1992 the Forschungsverbund has been conducting research on the history of the GDR in the context of both German post-war states and on the transformation process that was started after reunification. On these pages you can find information on our team and on what we do, i.e. in particular on our research projects and on relevant publications to the field of our interest. You will also find statements on current debates, as well as announcements for events. Last but not least, the website should allow you to get into touch with us if you are interested in our work.