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Purpose of Survey

The survey of former students (withdrawal/change of program before completion) is part of the quality management activities of Freie Universität Berlin. The information gained through this process is used to improve degree programs and the service and support options offered.

Students who withdrew from the newly established bachelor’s degree study programs were surveyed for the first time on behalf of the university management in 2007. The goal of the study was to identify subjective reasons for students to switch universities and/or withdraw, thereby identifying potential ways to reduce withdrawal rates both ahead of time (through information and assessment) and during the course of a student’s degree program (advising and support). For the report on the results of this survey, click here.

Now, in the 2013/2014 winter semester, students who have withdrawn, interrupted their studies or changed subjects from bachelor’s degree programs, consecutive master’s degree programs, and the study programs toward the State Exam in law, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine at Freie Universität are being asked about their reasons for not continuing their study programs once begun.

The survey focuses primarily on the reasons for a student’s withdrawal. In addition, information on the preconditions for studies (reasons for choosing the study program, information, educational path) and study-related factors (study behavior and study experiences) as well as life circumstances (work activity, family situation, personal strain) is collected in order to fill in as much detail as possible regarding the situation that led to the student’s decision to withdraw from, interrupt, or change his or her study program. This survey is also intended to evaluate the newly established information (OSA) and support options offered for the phase when students are beginning their studies (mentoring).

The report on the results will be published on this website at the end of the 2015 summer semester. The results will be presented to and discussed within the various bodies of Freie Universität Berlin (Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, Teaching Committee, department councils, discussion rounds involving the deans and vice dean for student affairs).