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Recording and documentation of IT deployment

At Freie Universität Berlin, the recording and structuring of IT deployment is realised by means of so-called IT processes.  An IT process is composed of IT supported working processes that, in terms of work organisation, constitute a self-contained unit.  The sum of all IT processes comprehensively reproduces the entire IT deployment of a department.  Hence, the IT deployment of the Free University of Berlin is documented in full, once all IT processes of all departments have been included.

Apart from purely security technology-related aspects, the recording by means of IT processes offers an additional range of options in terms of application and analysis.  Due to their focus on working processes, and not on the technology used, IT processes are particularly well suited as the basis for co-determination processes and notifications in accordance with the BlnDSG, BDSG, and the German Law on Data Processing (Informationsverarbeitungsgesetz; "IVG").

Structuring the IT deployment in interaction of IT security and co-determination issues may be illustrated as follows.

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Notification of Change Regarding Current IT Processes

Notification of a New IT Process