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Zemian Zheng

Zheng Zemian

Zheng Zemian

Fellow in the Context of the DRS Fellowship Program Postdoc International (POINT) at the Dahlem Humanities Center

April 2013 – April 2015

Zemian Zheng finished his PhD dissertation on Zhu Xi’s moral psychology in 2011 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. From then on he worked as a Postdoctoral lecturer at the School of Philosophy, Wuhan University. He visited the Dahlem Humanities Center for half a year in 2012 (IRF Fellowship), working on a comparative philosophy project, with special focus on Max Scheler’s phenomenological ethics and the moral theories of Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming (two of the most important Chinese thinkers of Confucianism in the second millennium). He is now working as a POINT research fellow. His project is about the interpretations of Qing (emotion) in Chinese classic studies and their underlying philosophy.

His writing project includes:

1. Philosophy of emotions: a comparative study as an introduction to Chinese Philosophy;
2. Moral psychology in Neo-Confucianism: studies of Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming on their own terms;
3. Compiling and translating an anthology of Neo-Confucianism.