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Eva Fotiadi

eva fotiadi1

Eva Fotiadi

Fellow in the Context of the DRS Fellowship Program Postdoc International (POINT) at the Dahlem Humanities Center

July 2014 – October 2016

Aesthetics of Events in Public Space. Performative Artistic and Political Interventions in Athens (Greece) Since 2000.

Eva Fotiadi investigates the relevance of theories of the event from aesthetics, performance and philosophy for the politics of artistic actions, as well as for the aesthetics of political actions in public space in Athens (Greece) since the early 2000s. In the postwar history of Greece, actions and events of political and social celebration or protest in public space have been a quite familiar phenomenon. To the contrary, performative actions and events by artists in public space have been relatively rare and mostly neglected in art discourses, up until the 2000s. Since then, a striking rise of interest in performative artists' interventions in public, urban space is noticeable. In addition, especially during the ‘crisis’ years (2008- ) the everyday in Athens has more broadly been marked by a culture of small-scale actions and events as part of a process of reaction and adjustment to a transformed daily life.

In 2014 Eva was a visiting fellow in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University. Prior to that she was a lecturer in contemporary art and theory at the University of Amsterdam, where she also completed her PhD in 2009. Her dissertation aimed at producing theoretical concepts for the analysis of long-term participatory art practices in public space and was published in 2011 under the title The Game of Participation in Art and the Public Sphere (Maastricht: Shaker). She has also taught at Utrecht University and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.

Project-related publications

“State interventions in public space in Athens and the mediatization of the crisis.” European Journal for Cultural Studies, Online First: August 13, 2015.

“Media events in the spectacle of the Greek crisis.” Czas Kltury 3/2015, 186 (in Polish).

|Π|Magazine 3 : The Art of Lawlessness / ΗΤέχνητηςΑνομίας, ed. by Eva Fotiadi, Konstantina Georgelou and Manolis Tsipos, March 2015. [in English & Greek]

“The Art of Lawlessness”. Performance Research, vol.19.6, special issue ‘On Rupture’, photo essay co-authored with the Institute for Live Arts Research, December 2014.

Contact: eva.fotiadi@fu-berlin.de