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China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing (China-Europe EMBM)

China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing (China-Europe EMBM)

We are very pleased to announce that the MBM program will initiate the newly developed executive education master’s degree program “China-Europe Executive Master of Business Marketing” in April 2014.

China has become a major, important global player in recent decades. In the business-to-business segment in particular, numerous businesses based in Germany and elsewhere in Europe do business with Chinese partners. Whether it is Europeans trying to serve the Chinese market or Chinese providers attempting to work with the European market, either from home or locally, all sides face cultural challenges.

The 16-month English-speaking China-Europe EMBM program is intended for European and Chinese students. It is offered in cooperation with the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. The program aims to impart not only the well-known B2B content included in the EMBM study program on marketing and sales, which has been established for nearly 30 years now, but also to teach intercultural skills with reference to European-Chinese business relationships. This is accomplished in cooperation with the Department of History and Cultural Studies at Freie Universität Berlin as well as through two on-site seminars held in China. One of these on-site seminars will be taught entirely at Peking University, a prestigious higher education institution. The goal is to focus especially on the particular features of the Sino-European context and recommend certain courses of action for students to take. This will give students in the program a special kind of specialized knowledge, putting them one step closer to achieving their individual personal career objectives and giving them excellent prospects of success. The China-Europe EMBM program culminates in the wellknown MBM degree, which is granted together with a specific certificate from the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University.

Initiating this study program is also a significant step forward in putting into practice Freie Universität’s concept for the future – that of the international network university, which won distinction in the German government’s national Excellence Initiative. Not only will the program give European and Chinese students the opportunity to learn and study together in English, but the cooperative arrangement with the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University also further solidifies the strategic partnership resolved in 2011 between Freie Universität and Peking University. Because of the excellent fit between the program and these central guidelines of Freie Universität Berlin for the future, the initiation of the study program also received substantial support from the Center for International Cooperation (CIC). In addition, the interdisciplinary cooperation in place between the Marketing-Department (School of Business & Economics) and the Institute of Sinology/China Studies (Department of History and Cultural Studies) at Freie Universität Berlin also helps to foster a connection with programs in related disciplines at Freie Universität Berlin and further underscores the international focus of the China-Europe EMBM program.

The China-Europe EMBM postgraduate executive education master’s degree program is a unique concept that situates and promotes advanced study of the field of business-to-business marketing within a Sino-European context, with the goal of creating a unique learning experience in an intercultural environment.


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