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FUB - CSC Postdoctoral Research Positions 2017

All open postdoc positions for starting in Summer 2017 are listed below. Please submit your complete application to the Beijing Office of Freie Universtät Berlin by November 6, 2016 with all the documents required on our website in the section "about the application process."

Natural Sciences

Department / Institute

Subject Area

Academic Fields

Name of Prof. / Research Group Leader

Biology Microbial Ecology ecology, evolution, mycology, bioinformatics, genomics, modeling, strong ecology background Prof. Dr. Matthias C. RILLIG (Mr.)
Biology Evolutionary Biology evolutionary biology, microbiology, entomology, insect immunology, bioinformatics Prof. Dr. Jens ROLFF (Mr.)
Biology Plant Molecular Biology biology, molecular plant biology Prof. Dr. Thomas SCHMÜLLING (Mr.)
Biology Plant Molecular Biology, Epigenetics, Stress Physiology plant molecular biology, epigenetics, plant development, stress physiology Prof. Dr. Daniel SCHUBERT (Mr.)
Chemistry Quantum Chemistry, Matrix-Isolation Spectroscopy chemistry, physics Prof. Dr. Sebastian HASENSTAB-RIEDEL (Mr.)
Pharmacy Drug Delivery or Tissue Engineering pharmaceutical sciences or medical field (dermatology) Prof. Dr. Sarah HEDTRICH (Ms.)
Physics Solid State Physics/Magnetism physics or related discplines (e.g. surface science, thin-film magnetism) Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KUCH (Mr.)
Mathematics Medical Bioinformatics bioinformatics, computational biology, mathematics, computer science, physics Prof. Dr. Rosario M. PIRO (Mr.)