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FUB - CSC Postdoctoral Research Positions 2016

All open postdoc positions for starting in Summer 2016 are listed below. Please submit your complete application to the Beijing Office of Freie Universtät Berlin by October 30, 2015 with all the documents required on our website in the section "about the application process."

Natural Sciences

Department / Institute

Subject Area

Name of Prof. / Research Group Leader

Biology Biodiversity / Plant, Soil and Fungal Ecology (Biodiversity of fungi, plant-soil-fungal interactions)

Prof. Dr. Matthias C. RILLIG (Mr.)

Biology Plant Molecular Biology (Molecular mechanisms regulating cytokinin metabolism in the plant cell) Prof. Dr. Tomáš WERNER (Mr.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic Chemistry: Natural Product Synthesis (Development of novel C-H- functionalization reactions and their application in the synthesis of biologically relevant natural products) Prof. Dr. Philipp HERETSCH (Mr.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Cell Biology, Biophysics, Biochemistry (Cell biology of ion transport) Dr. Tobias STAUBER (Mr.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Biochemistry, Molecular Immunology (Engineering MHC-peptide interactions for cancer immunology) Prof. Dr. Christian FREUND (Mr.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Biochemistry, Molecular Immunology (Understanding proline-rich sequence recognition in the spliceosome) Prof. Dr. Christian FREUND (Mr.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Regenerative Medicine (Stem cell modulation by nanomaterial) Prof. Dr. Nan MA (Ms.)
Neurobiology Developmental Neurobiology (Formation of neuronal circuits during embryonic development) Prof. Dr. Fritz G. RATHJEN (Mr.)
Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry (Fragment-based drug discovery by fragment ligation) Prof. Dr. Jörg RADEMANN (Mr.)
Physics Solid State Physics / Magnetism (Ultrathin magnetic films) Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KUCH (Mr.)
Veterinary Medicine Immunology in Pigs (Immunological responses to dietary interventions) Prof. Dr. Jürgen ZENTEK (Mr.)
Virology Herpesvirus Latency (The role of hematopoietic stem cells in herpesvirus latency) Prof. Dr. Klaus OSTERRIEDER (Mr.)
Humanities & Social Sciences
Department / Institute Subject Area Name of Prof. / Research Group Leader
Islamic Studies Modern Muslim History (Translocal Muslim connections in the Indian Ocean) Prof. Dr. Ulrike FREITAG (Ms.)
Law Private Law Theory (Politics of Private Law / Civil Procedure Law) Prof. Dr. Bertram LOMFELD (Mr.)
Linguistics Linguistics, Historical Linguistics (Theories of Language Change) Prof. Dr. Horst SIMON (Mr.)
Linguistics Linguistics, Historical Linguistics (Address in East Asia and the West) Prof. Dr. Horst SIMON (Mr.)