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2. Application Process

  • Before you apply for the FUB – CSC Postdoctoral Research Program, please check the information about the CSC funding program: www.csc.edu.cn
  • Candidates are asked to apply directly to Beijing Office of Freie Universität Berlin. To avoid additional efforts, please don't contact the professor. 
  • Candidates should specify in their application that they apply under the FUB – CSC Postdoctoral Research Program cooperation agreement.
  • The Beijing Office of FUB will evaluate the candidate’s application and forward all information to the FUB professor or research group leader.
  • Having received the application, the professor will contact you in the following weeks - please be patient!
  • In December, the Beijing Office will provide all qualified candidates with an offer letter and register the accepted candidates on the nomination list of the FUB – CSC Postdoctoral Research Program, which will be handed in to the CSC. 
  • After receiving an invitation / acceptance letter from the Freie Universität Berlin (NOT the professor), candidates apply in a second application process independently to the CSC funding in January (forms are available online at http://apply.csc.edu.cn).
  • The application period for CSC postdoc scholarships is January 5 - 15, 2016.
  • The CSC will evaluate and select the qualified candidates until March and provide the FUB Beijing Office a final list of scholarship recipients. The results will be published end of March.